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A welcome post to The Impossible Code blog!

Hi there,

This is an introduction post to the impossible code blog.

What does The Impossible Code mean?

As developers we often encounter requirements which seem too advanced for the existing technology we’re using. It might also be too demanding for the hardware we’re expected to use. At times this can be frustrating, but it is always challenging. And what do you know – you sometime even manage to come up with a breakthrough solution!

“The Impossible Code” will share innovations in professional software development and hobby electronics, in subjects such as:

  • OpenCV
  • Multithreading
  • Cloud computing
  • Hobby electronics
  • Development environment
  • Web development
  • Android development

I’ll share code you can download and insights, hopefully contributing something back to the vast open source community. All shared code will be released under a permissive license so you can also incorporate it into your commercial products.

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Sagi Zeevi

20 years writing code and still loving it!

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